Mullerian duct anomalies has been known to be one of the causes of subfertility and poor pregnancy outcome. The delicate variations of these anomalies due to its peculiar embryogenesis events give rise to continuous debates and challenges for fertility experts on the classification, diagnostic, therapeutic and research on its impact to fertility. The ASPIRE Reproductive Surgery Special Interest Group will be discussing on this fascinating subject in a special webinar happening this coming October. Issues on diagnostic and therapeutic aspects will be highlighted and discussed: the use of 3D ultrasound and management options for specific Mullerian anomalies.

Evaluation of Mullerian anomalies – role of 3D ultrasound
Speaker: Professor Huang Xiao-Wu (Beijing, China)

Management option in Mullerian anomalies related infertility
Speaker: Dr Hongxin Pan (ShenZhen, China)

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The live webinar session was held on 9 October 2021 at 3pm (GMT+8).

Moderators: Dr Herbert Situmorang (Jakarta, Indonesia) and Professor Maria Antonia Habana (Manila, Philippines)

Panellists: Professor Huang Xiao-Wu (Beijing, China) and Dr Hongxin Pan (ShenZhen, China)