ASPIRE Webinars

ASPIRE will be running a series of webinars starting from October 2020.

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Add-ons in the ART Lab: Part 2

This webinar series will emphasize the essential role of embryology laboratory in ART procedure since 70-80% of pregnancy depends on oocytes and embryo quality. After four decades and the first IVF pregnancy in 1978, several developments of technology has been achieved. We are facing the issue on [...]

15 October 2020|5 Comments

Add-ons in the ART Lab: Part 1

Join ASPIRE for the first of two webinars in the use of ADD-ONS in assisted reproductive technology Hot off the press!! Hear the results of the world’s largest randomised controlled trial of the use of ICSI in couples with non-male factor infertility. After nearly thirty years [...]

8 October 2020|2 Comments