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ASPIRE will be running a series of webinars starting from October 2020.

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Environmental Toxins and its Effects on Reproduction

Description Over the past 3-4 decades we have seen a decline in both male and female fertility. This may be related to growing number of environmental toxins called Endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) that mimic, block, or interfere with hormones in the body's endocrine system and interfere with normal [...]

15 September 2021|0 Comments

PCOS and Insulin Resistance

PCOS is a common endocrine disorder associated with different manifestations. It is well established that insulin resistance plays a vital role in the development and persistence of this dysfunction and is found in almost 90% of obese women having PCOS, asserting the fact that obesity has a [...]

30 July 2021|0 Comments

The Role of Office Hysteroscopy in Infertility Management

Hysteroscopy is a vital component of reproductive surgery, as it facilitates the evaluation of the potential implantation site which is an important step in the management of women with infertility. This minimally invasive procedure allows for the direct visualization of the endometrial lining and tubal ostia and [...]

8 February 2021|0 Comments

The Thin Endometrium

While there are various techniques used to overcome most infertility problems, implantation remains as the rate-limiting step in IVF success. And among the problems in implantation, handling patients with an inadequate growth of the endometrium or thin endometrium represents among those that are an on-going challenge. Several [...]

26 November 2020|1 Comment

Impact of COVID-19 in an ART Laboratory

In the middle of world COVID-19 pandemic, medical professionals in the ART field need to know if the virus can affect reproductive organs and if the infected organs will lose their functions. If the answer is yes, is it a permanent damage or just a reversible interference? [...]

19 November 2020|0 Comments